Don’t Risk Denial of Service! Register Your Long Codes & Verify Toll-Free Numbers

We have two important alerts about your messaging campaigns!

Due to changes this year from carriers in the United States and Canada, you may be at risk of filtered delivery or possible denial of service if:

  • your company is sending SMS messages in the U.S. using 10-digit long codes (10DLC), or
  • your company is using toll-free numbers in campaigns in the U.S. or Canada

Ensuring delivery requires just a few actions on your part, and SMS-Magic can help you.

A2P 10DLC Registration

To ensure delivery of your messages, major U.S. telecommunications carriers, like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular and others are now requiring companies sending application-to-person (A2P) SMS messages within the U.S. to register their 10DLC. This is in addition to the requirements specified in regulations like GDPR, TCPA and others.

The goal of registration is to protect consumers, improve message deliverability, and to encourage trust within the system while delivering high customer engagement. Registration should also help reduce SMS text spam and fraud.

When you register, carriers want to know two things: who you are and what you’re sending. They ask you to provide:

  • Company brand registration – you must identify who you are to carrier networks.
  • Standardized campaign use-case registration – you must identify the type of messages you are sending, such as account updates, marketing campaigns, customer service, etc.

To submit your 10DLC registration, please complete this form. We’ll take it from there.

Toll-Free Verification

In addition to A2P 10DLC Registration, you must also verify the toll-free numbers you use in the U.S. and Canada. Unverified numbers in Canada can be blocked, and in the U.S., traffic may be subject to increased filtering and daily limits on sending.

To submit your toll-free numbers for verification, please complete this form.

If you have any questions about registration, contact us at

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