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All businesses struggle with getting prospects and customers to pay attention to their communications. Blasting an email to share an important announcement doesn’t have much impact, even if it does get found in their inbox. Contrast that with a 90% read rate for SMSd messages—usually within a minute or two. This article is part of our Become a Textpert series designed to help you kickstart your messaging expertise.

Defining a Single Message Campaign

Single message campaigns sent to a list of contacts in your CRM, or database, can be used for a variety of business use cases. Responsiveness to text messages means your audience will quickly learn about your new products, job opportunity, property listing, event, class schedule, or the amazing discount you want to give them when you notify them with a single message.

Here’s the basic simple principle.  Anytime you want to communicate with your audience and be sure they pay attention to your information, use a single message.  You can send a single message today, then send another in two weeks, or four. You can use them in so many ways to inform and serve your audience, you’ll simply love the versatility in how you communicate—and so will your prospects and customers.

Why Become a Textpert at Single Messaging Campaigns?

  • Match Audience Preferences: According to a recent survey by Ellie Mae, 97% of consumers asked want texting to be part of the sales conversation. In fact, Gartner’s 2017 Channel Survey found that there’s a place for messaging at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Get Their Attention: People check their phones every 15 minutes or so, even without the ping of a notification. More than 80% of Americans text regularly. And, because nearly all text messages are read within a few minutes, this channel has the highest opportunity to get your prospects’ or customers’ attention.
  • Deliver on Your Promises: The ability to automate replies to inbound keywords used in a single message means you’ll always deliver instantly when your audience responds to your campaign—sending a coupon triggered by the keyword reply of “PROMO,” for example.

Converse Apps Kickstart Relevant Conversations

The Converse App for Single SMS Messages contains everything you need to define and launch your campaign. Once you’ve installed the App, you’ll find:

  • Content templates that come with suggested messaging you can tune to your specific needs to meet campaign goals.
  • Pre-built automated responses triggered by a keyword or to confirm an opt-in, and other scenarios, where applicable.
  • End-to-end data, analytics and reporting to capture key insights, define performance and that you can use to optimize your future campaigns.
  • Click-and-go user interface that’s intuitive and designed to simplify your effort to manage the volume of conversations you’ll create.

All that’s required is for you to tune the App parameters and content to match your campaign need.

Here are a few ideas to help you kickstart relevant conversations with the single message App.

Use a single message campaign to:

  • Survey new leads about their specific interest or share requested content
  • Send various offers, discounts, and coupons
  • Alert prospects and customers to special sales events or new products
  • Follow-up from an event to continue that conversation
  • Build an opt-in list for a new texting program

How the Converse App for Single SMS Messages Campaigns Works

Take the following 6 steps to design, launch, run and respond to your single message campaign.

Step 1: Select your list from your CRM or database.

Step 2: Tune your message in the content template provided with the App to meet your specific needs, select the number to send your messages from, tune name fields to match your CRM and add your company’s name and any URL specific to the message or offer.

Step 3: Set the goals for your campaign and track them on the Insights dashboard. Goals can include metrics such as the response rates, number of supplies, conversions from responses, and more.

Step 4: Assign users to your campaign by choosing which members of your team should be alerted and can view and respond personally to replies to your message.

Step 5: Run your campaign by selecting the start and stop dates, time and time zone.

Step 6: Respond to leads that take action by personal message or automated message, as appropriate for your campaign.

As your campaign is running, you can monitor your results via statistics reported through the Insights dashboard in real-time.

Mastering the basics of single text message campaigns will help you become a Textpert in short order.

Find out more about Converse Apps and transform your campaigns and communications—into relevant experiences that your potential and existing customers will thank you for sharing. It’s easier than ever to reach and engage your audiences with relevant content that drives business growth.

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