7 Tips for using multichannel messaging to drive revenue

How and when you talk to your customers plays an important part in your business. Customers expect personalized and cohesive brand experiences across messaging channels. A bad communication experience will quickly send them looking to your competitors for their needs. 

By creating and implementing a multichannel messaging strategy, you’ll be able to ensure positive customer interactions across many platforms including text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. 

Components of Successful Multichannel Strategies

  • Brand Reach – The main aim of multichannel marketing or messaging is to make sure that your brand reaches the maximum number of customers in less time and with less effort. 
  • Impact of the Message – The actual effectiveness of multichannel messaging can be measured when you are able to see the impact of the message that you send. Analytics and tracking will be important in helping you refine your messages. 
  • Consistency – Creating a good messaging cadence will help you stay top of mind. 
  • Engagement – Understanding how to communicate appropriately on various channels will ensure your campaigns are successful. Customers will appreciate it when you communicate thoughtfully on each platform. Make sure that you have chosen the right channels for your business to sustain long-term success.
  • Customer Experience – If your customers are interacting with you through multichannel, noting down their experience is a must. Offering consistent personalized experiences across SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp channels is what will lead to loyal customers and increased revenue.

7 Tips for Using Multichannel Messaging for Your Business

7 Tips for Using Multichannel Messaging
  1. Track users and their activity 

The number of businesses using multichannel to interact with their customers is increasing. Collecting customer data prior to deploying your campaigns will be important in understanding their activities and behaviors. By better understanding your customers you’ll be able to create thoughtful and impactful messaging campaigns. 

  1. Develop a channel focus

Multichannel marketing is all about using the right channel for the right customers at the right time. You need to evaluate on what channels your customers are active the most. You don’t want to waste time and money on a channel that isn’t used by your main customer base. 

  1. The Power of CRM 

CRM platforms allow you to keep a track of your customer data in one place. As CRM enables you to track data about how your customers behaving on what channels, it becomes easy for you to trigger automated campaigns accordingly and experience maximum campaign success. 

  1. Automate Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns always focus on targeted timelines or behavioral triggers. Drip campaigns engage users, getting them closer to conversions. By using automation you are able to speed up conversations and move leads through the funnel faster. 

  1. Dynamic re-targeting 

Using dynamic retargeting across all channels, you can target personalized messages on the basis of past engagements with customers and their behavior. 

  1. Personalized Messaging Strategy

Whether you use SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, or all of these channels, sending personalized messages will work for your business. More than a buzzword, personalization works as a key tool to your multichannel messaging strategy. 

  1. Measure Results 

Just like you track the behavior of your customers and their activities, you need to track the results of messaging across all channels that you use. Knowing the message open rates, click-through rates, user engagement rates, and conversations across all channels will let you know the focus areas and areas that need alterations.

The Takeaway

While you can use these steps to deploy text messages, Facebook, and WhatsApp messaging for your business, flexibility and strategy are important. These tips can help you ensure successful messaging campaigns and stronger customer engagement. 

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