5 Messages You Should be Sending Your Financial Service Clients

So you have finally built strong momentum and relationships with your customers and they are comfortable receiving your messages. That’s great! If you’re already messaging with customers it means you’ve also obtained consent with an opt-in, so you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Messaging is the #1 medium of communication today and it is the most requested and accepted channel of communication for financial services. It’s convenient, quick, and preferred over email and phone calls.

With messaging you can:

  • Have personalized conversations with your customers
  • Share all required facts about the client’s account balances, performance, etc.
  • Use branded URL shorteners in your messages 
  • Send automated messages to multiple clients on the go
#1 medium of communication

There are many ways to use messaging, but it’s important to not send too many messages or over communicate. You do not want to annoy or frustrate your customers with how many messages you are sending. It’s also important to know which types of messages your customers want to receive and what is most helpful to them.

5 Effective Messages for Your Financial Service Clients

Messaging campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to engage with your clients and create a personalized experience. 

Mobile messaging in financial services has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and retention. Your clients want to be able to access their accounts on the go, make mobile payments, and stay informed about their financial information from their mobile devices.  

Implementing a messaging strategy and understanding what types of messages your clients like to receive will have a positive impact on your business.

  1. Messages announcing planned maintenance
    • Let customers know if they will not be able to access their accounts due to scheduled maintenance. Let them know when it will be and for how long.
    • Letting them know ahead of time will ensure that they don’t panic if they are unable to access their account during this time. 
    • Prevent inconvenience. It will save you lots of customer messages and phone calls asking why their account is inaccessible. 
  1. Payment reminders and online payments
    • As per a study in the U.S, 35% of adults forget to pay their credit card bills. Automated payment reminder messages always play a key role in reminding people about their upcoming payments. Not only do these messages keep the customers updated about their dues but also saves them from additional fees.
Payment Reminder and online payment - financial service clients
  1. Send activity updates
    • You can send a message when they withdraw money, make payments, or make a purchase. 
    • This helps them quickly track what’s going on in their account without having to log in to an app or platform every time.
    • Consider creating set schedules for when to send these types of messages. For example, fraud alerts should be sent as needed but messages about account changes can be sent monthly. This way, these messages become a regular roundup of updates for customers.
  1. Notice of unusual activity
    • Sending payment reminders, appointment reminders, frequent updates, activity updates, feedback forms, and answering all customer queries through messaging is always a good practice. It does work faster than emails! Sending a message when there is unusual activity on the customer’s account and prompting them to check their account as soon as possible will assure them that they are important and you are on top of things.
  1. Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Sending automated survey forms or customized survey forms is a good practice to collect feedback from customers. Customer satisfaction surveys help in knowing their needs and understanding the changes they need in your services. Sending surveys is a great way to increase customer engagement.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Messaging not only improves customer engagement but also helps you build better relationships. If you are a financial service company and haven’t yet adopted messaging and want to learn more, schedule a demo, and we would be happy to share our expertise with you and answer your questions. We would be happy to show you what messaging can do for your firm.

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