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Your customers expect real-time responsiveness via SMS messages. That’s why business text is now the preferred channel by 74% of consumers. 80% of companies are already using business text messaging to connect with their audience. What are you waiting for?

Chances are you’re like many businesses, believing urban legends about messaging. Here’s the thing. These misconceptions are causing you to lose prospects, deals and customers. 

3 Misconceptions and the Truth About SMS Messages

Only 28% of sellers currently communicate through SMS messages. These reasons are misguidedly holding sellers back from using business text messaging.

1. 50% of sellers say there’s no convenient platform available for texting

Technology has come a long way. A simple text messaging platform does exist that not only enables sellers to text consumers from within their CRM, but also automates campaigns and outreach with preconfigured applications.

This includes alerts to a sales rep when a buyer responds to a message, so they can step in and have a 1:1 personalized conversation. With a complete conversational history tracked in the lead record, your sales rep will always know where the conversation stands and how to make the next message even more relevant.

2. 56% of sellers are concerned about compliance

Yes, text messaging is regulated by TCPA, CASL, CCPA, GDPR and more. And yes, many text messaging tools don’t have the best compliance solutions. But that’s not the case with a true messaging platform.

Opt-ins can be handled easily with an automated App that uses a best practice single or double opt-in to record consent , then time stamp and store in the lead’s record in your CRM, providing an audit trail for compliance. Should the buyer text STOP to opt-out, our text messaging platform handles that automatically, as well, flagging the lead record and removing the buyer from any active messaging campaigns. 360˚ message histories across all CRM objects provide a complete GDOR-compliant audit trail.

Download our Compliance Kit to learn everything you need to know about Compliance, text messaging regulations, and finding the right vendor so you never need to worry.

3. 34% of sellers don’t want to use their personal cell phones to text buyers

If your sellers are using their personal cell phones to text with buyers and customers, your company has no record of those communications, limiting your visibility—and potential exposure for compliance violations. With the Converse Simple Text Messaging Platform, your company gains a 360° view of the buyer’s conversational history and has proof of compliant opt-in. And you only use those personal cell phones with an App that tracks every single message.

There’s a Huge Payoff for Sellers Who Text with Buyers

It has been found that sending three or more purposeful SMS messages—after contact with a buyer has been made—can increase conversion rates by as much as 328%. This growing trend in preference for text messaging certainly makes many businesses believe that text messaging is becoming the most preferred method of communication with buyers.

Text messaging is giving email and phone calls a strong challenge. Sellers who use text messaging to increase their responsiveness will meet buyers’ expectations for speed and a low friction, low effort buying process. In fact, 87% of sellers say they plan to increase the use of text messaging over the next five years.

Why wait? Get started now and use text messaging to differentiate your business, captivate and engage your buyers, and accelerate your sales revenue results.

If you haven’t yet adopted business text messaging for your team and want to learn more, schedule a demo and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you, answer questions and show you what text messaging can do for your business results.

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