Use Converse Apps to Kickstart Messaging Strategy
Messaging strategy
Text messaging helps you to create the conversations that count without all the complexity. A recent survey by Ellie Mae found that 97% of consumers asked want texting to be part of the sales conversation.

Now, you can use killer apps to kickstart your messaging programs and give your prospects and customers exactly what they want. With Converse Apps, the industry’s first intelligent apps designed to accelerate messaging ROI.

Converse Apps Deliver Everything You Need—Pre-configured

Converse Apps are the first pre-configured messaging applications for business. Each App is pre-configured to deliver a specific type of conversation, from a single or bulk message blast to a survey to a multi-touch nurture campaign.

Every Converse App includes:

  • Easily customizable message templates based on proven best practices
  • Pre-designed automation, including workflows and triggers, to deliver even the most sophisticated messaging strategy
  • Specific real-time analytics to measure your success
  • Powerful data management and integration with leading platforms, such as Salesforce

Converse Apps are designed to run independently or together, acting as building blocks that allow you to create any kind of messaging strategy, from a single message to a sophisticated conversation.

Conversation Starter Apps are designed to start your conversation while assuring compliance. The first step to any text messaging program is getting people to opt-in to hear from you. With regulations getting tougher, you have to do that in a very specific way. We make sure you do just that.

Once you have your subscriber list, you can choose to send one message to your list or choose a Deeper Conversation App to extend the conversation. Choices for Deeper Conversation Apps include surveys, progressive profiling, scheduling, events and promotions and multi-touch nurture campaigns.

Make Conversations Relevant to Your Customers

With all the heavy lifting done, all that’s left for you to do is to tweak the content of the messages to address the context of your customers and the goals for your messaging campaigns. A few tweaks and you’re ready to go.

Messaging isn’t a one-size-fits-all program across industries. We’ve taken that into account and worked with our customers to create proven, unique messaging strategies across an array of industries. Converse Apps are packaged with this in mind and designed to adapt to the special needs of your business.

You can also easily add more messages or change the triggers, timing, and frequency of the message sends to match up with your customers’ expectations.

When your customers want more, you won’t be left out of the conversation. You can easily step in with a 1:1 discussion. Converse Apps alert your users when there’s a need to step in personally to answer a question or extend a conversation. Your email marketing platform can’t do that.

Experience the Magic of Fast and Simple Messaging

With Converse, it’s easy to simply tune your Apps and get started. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All based on a decade of working with over 1,800 global customers.

Instead of struggling to design and tune your messaging strategies, you get to focus on having engaging conversations with your buyers to drive higher ROI and generate more revenue to grow your business.

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