Intelligent Text Messaging is Here with Converse
We all know that text messaging is the best way to have conversations with prospects and customers. We enjoy significantly higher open and response rates, convert more prospects to customers and retain more customers thanks to messaging.

What if you could do more? And do it more easily than ever before?


  • Your business users creating and deploying proven campaigns, easily and effortlessly.
  • Your messaging users intelligently managing more conversations, more responsively and seamlessly across every stage of your pipeline, from lead to opportunity to account.
  • Having the analytic insights you need for every messaging campaign, right at your fingertips.

You’ll get all this and so much more, with Converse. The industry’s first Intelligent Text Messaging platform.

When Intelligence Meets Text Messaging

Converse brings you all the sophistication of intelligent text messaging without the complexity.

Instead of spending weeks or months defining and implementing your messaging strategy, Converse delivers customer-proven best practices to you in a comprehensive platform that includes:

  • Converse Desks – The most intuitive messaging interface with an Intelligent Guidance System that helps users effectively manage and respond to any volume of messaging conversations with little to no training.
  • Converse Apps – Preconfigured, purpose-driven messaging apps that include best practices content, automated workflows, and powerful data management along with integration to leading platforms.
  • Converse Analytics – Included with each Converse App, tuned for the goals of that specific app to help you optimize your messaging programs in real time.

Choose your Desk – desktop, embedded desktop, mobile – choose your App, or layer them together to create an in-depth program, modify the content of the messages and choose your goals for analytics and tracking. Then you simply start conversing. It’s that simple.

This means you’ll stay focused on creating engaging conversations with your buyers, not developing your messaging technology.

Whether you want Marketing, Sales, or Service Messaging, We Have an App for You

Our customer-proven messaging strategies come packaged into easy-to-use Apps that deliver fast and powerful results to grow your business.

Marketing: Whether you want to progressively profile your prospects and customers, nurture them with insightful information or simply promote an event, we have the App for you.

Sales: You’ll always be the first to respond with relevant information thanks to Converse Apps. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment, responding with key information, or simply updating your customers, we have the right App to help you convert more sales.

Service: Our Service Desk Apps are designed to keep your customers updated on your progress, even as agents get the information they need. NPS and other survey Apps automatically gather the feedback you need to keep your service org at top performance.

Welcome to the Magic of Converse!

This is just a taste of what Converse has to offer you to make the best use of the communication channel your prospects and customers prefer over phone and email. You’ll start seeing how the first-ever Building Blocks approach will simplify your efforts and increase your effectiveness in upcoming articles.

But, if you can’t wait, just click on “Book a Demo” in the sidebar to request a personalized tour.

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