Converse Brings Intelligent Conversations to Fuel Productivity
You’ve told us that your text messaging conversations are resulting in a dramatic increase in your ability to engage your audiences. But you’ve also shared how difficult it can be for agents and messaging users to stay on top of all those conversations.

We’ve heard you. The ability to solve this challenge is built into Converse with Intelligent Conversations.

By leveraging intelligence in your messaging solution, you’ll dramatically increase the productivity of your agents and messaging users. You’ll also get to take advantage of that volume of additional conversations to engage more prospects and convert more business.

How Converse Intelligence Fuels Productivity for Agents

Converse provides a layer of intelligence that guides agents and users to easily locate and respond to conversations, based on their context. As Converse selects the specific conversations an agent is requesting, it also creates prioritized worklists for the agent. Agents respond quickly and productivity increases.

Converse Intelligence guides agents to be more productive with:

  • Alerts: Converse automatically alerts agents when a new conversation is received. Alerts can be configured on Converse Desk, as an email, a text message, a Chatter message, or as a Salesforce alert. You’ll never miss a conversation again!
  • Search: Agents can search for conversations by record name and mobile phone number.
  • Filters: Conversations can be filtered based on a variety of contexts, including:
    • Salesforce Objects: Conversations are filtered based on standard or custom Salesforce Objects. For example, all Lead Conversations.
    • Campaigns: Conversations are filtered based on the specific marketing, sales, or service campaign. Agents can select specific campaigns and converse with those respondents in the relevant context for each campaign.
    • Custom Lists: Agents can create their own custom lists. Converse will then filter the conversations based on those lists. For example, let’s say an agent is blended, responding to inbound messages for two distinct areas of your business, say New Sales and Warranty Requests. The agent can simply click on the custom list for New Sales, and they’ll see a worklist for New Sales conversations.
  • Manage Current Conversations: Intelligence also allows agents to manage conversations much as they would manage an email Inbox, including the ability to:
    • Mark a conversation as Read or Unread
    • View all conversations that are related to this specific conversation or record
    • Close conversations when they are completed
    • Pin a conversation as a tab within the agent’s environment so they can quickly respond to ongoing questions from a prospect
  • Update Salesforce: Agents who choose to use the Converse Desk as a standalone messaging desk can easily update or create new Salesforce records, events, and tasks all from within the intelligent Converse interface.


How Converse Intelligence Supports Team Productivity

In a contact center environment, agents must collaborate and understand the context for ongoing cases. One thing that truly frustrates consumers is having to repeat themselves. Intelligent conversations remove that frustration, saving your agents time that allows them to resolve issues faster, answer questions that impede buying, and bolster your brand—with every conversation.

Team support includes:

  • Intelligent routing to a specific agent or team of agents, based on the context of the conversation, including:
    • Incoming number (which is usually mapped to a specific business area)
    • Source of message
    • Queue status
    • Agent loading
    • Context of the message
  • Sharing conversations within or across a team, so that agents immediately respond in context to new requests due to access to the full 360° history of the ongoing conversation, including both automated and 1:1 messages
  • Transfer of conversations to different agents as needed, keeping them up-to-date and ready to respond with access to the entire 360° conversational history

Converse Answers the Need for End-to-End Visibility

We recognize that buyer and customer conversations include important context for your continuing relationship. That’s why Converse views conversations as a single thread across the entire customer journey.

  • Converse tracks every message within a conversation from the moment a response or request is received, through the entire lifecycle, from Lead to Opportunity to Contact to Case.
  • We also track both automated campaign conversations and interactive agent conversations. Agents and users see a complete history of every interaction with every member of your audience. Or they can segment the history to only see interactive or automated conversations.

Experience the Magic of Intelligent Conversations

As customer centricity becomes the true north for successful companies, your ability to meet consumers, prospects, and customers in the channels they prefer and converse with them in line with the context of their request or need becomes an imperative. Converse Intelligent Text Messaging provides just what you need to ensure that every conversation drives the ultimate outcome—business growth.

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