Converse Analytics Provide Actionable Insights and ROI
There’s a heightened need for analytics for text messaging as the channel is proven to drive 6X the responses of email, making manual compilation of data even more difficult. With the volume of interaction via texts, it’s also important to take advantage of that data to grow your business without overwhelming your marketers, sales reps and service agents.

This is because, unlike email, intelligent text messaging is more than the one-way outbound push. It’s important to measure the success of your text messaging campaigns after the initial conversation and throughout the ongoing conversations that build customer relationships.

That’s been a big challenge with traditional text messaging products. Unlike marketing automation platforms that offer robust analytics and tracking, text messaging users have been forced to create their own spreadsheets or other tracking and analysis mechanisms.

Converse Apps change that.

Every App delivers a specific type of text messaging campaign, including nurtures, surveys, scheduling, and more. The Apps also include analytics dashboards and real-time reports, designed to give you the insights you need to optimize your specific campaigns, and most importantly, to measure your ROI. And they’re built in and ready to go from the start.

Going Beyond the Basics of Analytics for Text Messaging

Text messaging campaigns behave similarly to email campaigns. The difference is in the channel, the insights, and in the results.

To measure campaign results, we’ve created comprehensive analytics dashboards that give you the insights you need for each Converse App. Dashboards are delivered in Salesforce as part of the Converse App. Each dashboard can be tuned to match your specific visual preferences. For example, you can change the type of graph or display within the dashboard.

A variety of analytics for text messaging are available. Following are a few examples.

Nurture Campaigns. The Nurture App shares analytic information including:

  • Total Sent and Total Delivered
  • Total Responses for each nurture step, and responses over time
  • Breakdowns of keyword responses for each step
  • Total Opt-outs


Event Promotions: The Event App will promote, register and nurture your attendees using a series of automated messages. Analytics can include:

  • Total Sent and Delivered
  • Total Registrations
  • Total Keyword Responses by offer and Keyword Responses over time
  • Total Conversations
  • Total Opt-outs

Contact Centers: The Converse Desk revolutionizes agent productivity with text messaging, thanks to intelligent conversations. The Survey App powers feedback on qualitative agent effectiveness with both NPS and multi-question surveys. Contact Center text messaging analytics include:

  • Agent time to response, total responses, total messages, response rates
  • Call-to-message dispositions
  • Message dispositions
  • Surveys sent and delivered
  • Survey responses by keyword and over time
  • Survey results to measure customer satisfaction


Each of the Converse Apps delivers relevant analytics in real-time, tuned to measure the ROI of your campaign.

Converse Apps also deliver the insights that IT professionals need for their work. IT Dashboards can include:

  • Total Sent and Delivered
  • Total Delivery Issues
  • Specific messages with delivery issues
  • Drill downs for these messages to support problem resolution
  • Overall metrics for messaging infrastructure service levels over time

Dive Deeper with Converse Analytics for Text Messaging

While Converse analytics include the basic metrics for total messages sent and delivered by you, they also include replies and responses sent by your leads and customers. When a message expands into a two-way conversation, that’s also tracked.

One of the unique features of intelligent text messaging is the use of keywords that can trigger automated replies or alert a messaging user to step in and respond to your lead or customer personally. Knowing not only how many conversations your messaging campaigns invite, but also for which reasons, provides the insights you need to optimize your campaigns to incite even higher response rates due to increased relevance.

For example, when you know which students responded with keyword “ENGR” to state their interest in your engineering program, you can now segment that list, sending all future messages to this group related to your engineering school, curriculum, clubs, events, and more.

If your prospect responds with keyword “IRA” instead of “INVEST” then your advisor knows to follow up with retirement insights, rather than the top stocks and mutual funds.

Seeing the responses to each message sent, as well as the responses to messages sent at each step of your campaign will also show you trends you can act upon to drive more engagement, win more sales, and build trusted relationships.


Learn more about Converse Analytics for text messaging to see how new, real-time insights can help you measure ROI and gain the insights you need for the continuous optimization of every campaign.

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