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Preconfigured Messaging Apps for Salesforce

Designing and implementing a messaging strategy takes a lot of time and resources. Converse Apps for Salesforce make it easy.

Each App is preconfigured to deliver everything you need to run a messaging campaign. Easily combine Apps to create any messaging strategy you want.

Every Converse App includes:

Best Practices message content templates.

Automation to deliver messages based on best practices workflows.

Analytics and insights to further optimize your messaging ROI.

Global messaging services and data management.

Focus on your conversations, not technology

Configuring and integrating messaging with Salesforce and other CRMs takes a lot of time and resources. For example, most messaging technologies require you to:

Integrate with your platform and database

Design, build, test and implement messaging workflows

Define your message content

Scope and implement reporting (if available)

Test it all

Train users on sometimes complex capabilities

Converse Apps for Salesforce come preconfigured and ready to implement for Salesforce users.  What could be easier?

Converse Apps for Salesforce Support Every Messaging Need

Converse Apps are designed to work independently or in combination  to deliver sophisticated messaging strategies and campaigns.

Converse Apps come in three flavors.

Conversation Starters are all you need to get started with messaging, including Opt-in and single messages.

Deeper Conversation Apps enhance your conversation with surveys, progressive profiling, scheduling, events, promotions and multi-touch nurture campaigns.

Conversation Connections integrate Converse with popular platforms for blended conversations.

Start the Conversation!

Compliance is hard to configure and manage. Ask anyone who manages opt-ins. Converse Apps make it easy.

The Compliant Opt-in App implements an automated double opt-in for your messaging.

The Single Message App delivers bulk message blasts to a list, single messages to individuals and single message responses as part of a larger messaging strategy.

Deeper Conversations Drive Conversions

Deeper conversations help you learn about your audience to convert more opportunities.

Deeper Conversations Apps include

Surveys, including single and multi-question surveys for deeper feedback.

Scheduling automatically schedules a meeting, confirms it and sends reminders.

Events announces events, then automatically follows up with promotions and event reminders.

Nurture Campaigns automatically send multi-touch messages based on a schedule or specific recipient behaviors.

Progressive Profiling lets you ask questions in a natural way to get to know your buyers.

Connected Conversations

We’re moving into a world of blended conversations, from email to messages to phone calls. So how do you keep track of your communications across all those channels?

Conversation Connections integrate Converse with other popular platforms, empowering blended conversations.

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